Rua-Series 2

Ngā Tae-Colours

  • Read Ngā Tae aloud with tamariki - ask the pātai, “He aha te tae o te.....?” “What colour is the....?”
  • If tamariki answer correctly in English say “Āe! I te reo Māori?” “Yes, and in te reo Māori????”
  • You can give the answer to the question in Māori too, “He kōwhai! He kōwhai te tae o te Pī!”
  • You can use this sentence for any and all colour related questioning-“He aha te tae o te putiputi?" “What colour is the flower?” “He aha te tae o ōu hū?” What colour are your shoes?”
  • Practise some craft-making, drawing, creating ngārara from paper, card, paints etc-see our pinterest page for some ideas for buggy mahi toi!
  • Make some bug inspired tīpare (headbands), quite simply from rings of card-add shapes for eyes, stripes and of course antenna!
  • Get out into te taiāo (the natural world) and explore! Find some real life ngārara and investigate them. He aha te/tēnei tae??? Dig up some noke, scratch out some huhu and chase some pūrerehua!
  • Use some scientific tools to assist-magnifying glasses, butterfly nets, sketch pad and pencils, specimen collection cases.
  • Sing the waiata Pūrerehua by Dr. Hirini Melbourne, or Pungawerewere or even Ma is white!

Te Kaute-Counting

  • Read aloud with the tamariki - ask the pātai, “E hia ngā....?” “How many....?”
  • Count the items on the page together, “Tahi, rua, toru...”
  • Offer the answer to the question in te reo too “E waru ngā pōro!” “There are eight balls!”
  • Use the reo in other daily situations “Tokohia ngā tamariki?” “How many children?” “E hia ngā pātene?” “How many buttons?”
  • Using groups of handy items ask the tamariki to help you count-“E hia ngā mokonui?” “How many dinosaurs?” “E hia ngā karaehe?” “How many animals?”
  • Use poro rakau-blocks to count with the tamariki-build a tower as you count
  • Using numbered blocks make the odd mistake as you stack and count and let the tamariki correct you! (You could do this with a pen and a whiteboard too 😉)
  • Draw some large block style numbers and let the tamariki paint, collage, colour, glitterfy the shapes, kōrero with them about their numbers and the shapes they make. Waru is one porowhita on top of another!
  • Make a nice big hop scotch grid on the ground outside and count the childrens jumps in te reo Māori!
  • Sing along to the tune of Anika Moa’s Tahi, Rua, Toru, Whā

Ngā Āhua-Shapes

  • Read aloud with the tamariki-Invite them to “Rapua/kimihia ngā ......!” “Find the .....!
  • Indicate the shape shown below the text, so everyone knows what they are looking for.
  • Find a few of the shapes in the illustrations with the tamariki-use your te reo Māori counting skills
  • Some of the shapes are quite hidden, be playful with the tamariki as you find them together
  • “Rapua ngā....” “Find the....” is a very useful sentence starter for use throughout the day. Try “Rapua ōu hū!” “Find your shoes.” Or “Rapua ngā pukapuka” “Find some books!”
  • Interchange the reo from the other pukapuka- “E hia ngā porowhita?” “How many circles?” or “He tapawhā rite tēnei.” “This is a square.”
  • Ask the tamariki to look around and find Ngā Āhua-Shapes they can see in the space.
  • Have a go all together at drawing ngā āhua-draw them on a board and have the tamariki follow with pen/cil and paper, talk them through the shape, describing it while demonstrating drawing it.
  • Think about how things are made up from shapes. Take small shapes and create images with them e.g. a circle and an oval could be the start of many animal forms while squares and triangles are a great start to forming rockets etc...
  • Have a go at using rulers!
  • Use different shaped blocks, sponges or potato cuts to make shape prints with paint
  • On large sheets of newsprint trace around blocks with marker pen, then ask the tamariki to place the shaped blocks back on their corresponding marks on the paper.
  • Cut some shapes on the dance floor by bopping out to The amazing Moe Show!