Te haerenga pūtumu-The slow moving journey

Kia ora! Tino nui changes have been coming for our Reo Pēpi whānau. You may have been wondering how we have been managing to spend time in CHCH as much as Dunedin just lately. While Kirsten and the whāanau keep the ahi kaa stoked in Ōtēpoti. Dan, Tama and I have begun a long awaited haerenga around Aotearoa. Our motivations for this are:

1. Tāima-Time. Our lives move by so swiftly as we navigate the day to day. We hope to find a slower way for the couple of years we have before Tama begins kura.

2. Mātauranga-Education. We want to see people and places old and dear, new and fresh. Find new ways to live in communities other than our usual and own. Expose ourselves to new ways of being and thinking. Store up some ideas and skills for our future.

3. Aroha-Connection. We never see enough of certain people and places. Slowing down will allow us more time to spend that we don't usually have when were at home or on holidays.

You can read more of our paki o te pahi here at timetraveling :)

Heoi anō-and so...the journey has begun. As a choice consequence of all this, Reo Pēpi is also hitting the huarahi with us! Publishing is a seriously portable mode of mahi and so far so good, we have been enjoying Ōtautahi-Christchurch for the past six weeks. We haven't missed a beat in the daily grind for Reo Pēpi and best of all we are making connections with new bookshops, kōhunga, ECE's, whānau and libraries.

We swapped some pukapuka for some rawe sticky tohu with Steve from Afix Graphics to complete our new homes look and karanga to the country-Reo Pēpi is on the way!

We plan to see as much of Te Waipounamu and Te Ika a Maui as possible so if you would like a visit please let us know-we are on a very flexible schedule and were happy to make detours for Reo Pēpi fans anytime.