Ngā Pēpi, Ngā roro me Ngā pukapuka! Babies, Brains and Books!

Nō hea kākano iti, e puawai ana he Kauri.
From a small seed, a tall tree will blossom.

A baby's brain is only 15% formed at birth-further development of the remaining 85% happens in the first 3 years. So the early experiences of children are critical to connections made in their brains. Healthy, positive experiences lead to healthy, positive brain connections.

Reading with pēpi from birth lays the groundwork a child's later abilities in literacy. Encouraging positive associations with books and reading in our tamariki, supports understanding of and access to the world of literature. AND sitting cosy with a child and sharing a book is arguably the most rewarding activity one can engage in!

We believe in creating positive pathways for all tamariki! We support The Brainwave Trusts mahi delivering these important brain development messages to whānau who need them most. We sent along 100 copies of Kanohi-My Face to be distributed to whānau through their networks within programmes that support parents as first educators. Here are some of the pictures form one of the sessions-thanks to the whānau and the team at The Brainwave Trust for sharing :). Arohatia tō mahi! Love your work!